1. What is Your First Name?

2. What is Your Last Name?

3. Best Contact Number (Mobile)?

4. Second Contact Number?

5. What is your best Contact Email?

6. What is your Company Name?

7. What is your Job Title?

8. Was the Applicant an Employee of Your Company?

9. When did the Applicant Start Working with Your Company?  When did the Applicant Stop Working with Your Company?

10. What was Your Professional Relationship with the Applicant?

11. Does the Applicant Carry Themselves in a Professional Demeanor?
12. Is the Applicant Open to Learning?
13. Does the Applicant Take Direction Well?
14. Is the Applicant Self-Motivated?
15. Does the Applicant Complete all Tasks / Projects in a Timely Manner?
16. Does the Applicant Take Initiative / Show Great Efforts to be a Team Player?
17. Is the Applicant dependable in Regards to Attendance?
18. Does the Applicant have the Ability to Solve Unexpected Problems with Ease?
19. Is the Applicant Capable of Understanding New Concepts Quickly?
20. Is the Applicant Capable of Managing & Working on Multiple Projects at once?
21. If the Applicant was ever in a Conflict, did they Keep Calm & Professional?
22. Would you Rehire this Applicant?
23. Is there Anything Else You'd Like to Add?